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2014 sponsor of the Red Rocks Rock-N-Run 5K

     All proceeds from this 5K race will benefit "Activ8." We do our best to serve a broad range of underprivileged kids and adults. We currently serve at-risk youth, orphans, disabled individuals, the homeless, men recovering from substance addiction, and women rehabbing from human trafficking. 

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Papa Russi Memorial Golf Tournament


Proceeds from the Papa Russi Memorial will go towards our local ACTIV8 outreach programs that serve the underprivileged in our community. Through ACTIV8 we setup opportunties for our athletes to serve homeless, disabled, at-risk youth, widows & teenage moms, orphans, and many more underserved folks. In 2013 alone our volunteers served more than 28,000 hours in more than 20 different events.

Your support will help in such activities as feeding the homeless, hosting fun sports events for the disabled, buying school supplies for inner city youth, supplying diapers for young moms, and coordinating programs to help foster kids find their permanent homes.


For more information about the event and the organization

click here: http://redrockssports.com/pages/paparussi